About the Owners

We're two sisters, and we've had a passion for self-care as long as we can remember. Now, that interest didn't always manifest itself as positive action towards self-care, but we believe recognizing that you care about having not taken action in the past shows that it's something you prioritize.

Our interest in holistic health sparked our interest in skincare and exercise (you can check out our skincare company DawnJoySkin here) and led us to create Godessa Fit out of a desire to have cute, comfy, athletic wear that caters to the black women community. 

We can both attest to the fact that self-care has saved our lives, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually. We now experience discipline and confidence, due to our commitment to self-love. We want to share that beautiful journey with other women, who want to become the best versions of who they KNOW they can be and become more connected to their bodies, minds and exercise the power of becoming.